Troilus Gold Project

Location & Infrastructure

The Troilus Project is located in Quebec, Canada, which is rated one of the world’s most attractive jurisdictions for mineral exploration and development (*according to the 2016 Fraser Institute’s annual survey of the mining industry). Furthermore, it is situated Northeast of the Val-d’Or district within the “Plan Nord” territory.

“Plan Nord”

In May 2011, the Government of Québec unveiled its Plan Nord, a 25-year, $80 billion development project focused on Quebec’s territory located north of the 49th parallel.

The Plan Nord proposes to establish partnerships between various governmental and municipal bodies, the private sector and Aboriginal communities for the development of various sector in northern Quebec, including mining.

The Plan Nord provides for a four-fold funding strategy where private sector partners will participate in the funding of infrastructure development. Government revenues resulting from economic development initiatives, along with direct and indirect tax spinoffs from public infrastructure projects will be reinvested in the Plan Nord.

“Investissement Québec”, the investment arm of the Government of Quebec, will take equity stakes in mining companies (and other businesses) as part of Plan Nord. Hydro-Québec will also contribute annually to development projects in the region.

Plan Nord

Troilus Access & Infrastructure

The Troilus site can easily be reached by road from the town of Chibougamau (daily flights from Montreal) via a paved highway and mine access roads.

Following the mine closure in 2010, the mill and camp were sold and subsequently dismantled, however other key components of infrastructure remain on the property, including:

  • Operating power line to site maintained by Hydro-Quebec
  • High voltage sub-station, with all equipment in place
  • Emergency generators
  • Operating water treatment facility
  • Extensive network of roads
  • Office building, gatehouse and gate